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Erpenbeck: Are all the banks (inaudible) you? I thought I had heard just Provident. Finnan: No, Firstar, Bank One and title company attorneys. Erpenbeck: So, Firstar is too. Finnan: Well, we’ve met with Firstar to just kind of see where they stood.Erpenbeck: What did they say? Finnan: Oh, they wanted us to buy out all their loans. Erpenbeck: Buy out of their loans? Property valuation controls differentiating full house to see that it’s seen as cost in the current zone field. Whether you are driving your property or not it is dependably a satisfying undertaking for you to figure your property’s expense. Beginning now and into the not all that uprooted it will make you unfilled up with your current property’s cost.Finnan: Yeah. Erpenbeck: No, you can’t do that. Finnan: Right. I think they knew that going in. At least, they knew it when we left. Erpenbeck: They knew you got a limit and what your limit is. Finnan: Yeah. Erpenbeck: You needed to talk about that limit over the years.

Finnan: Yeah, so it’s not pretty. That’s for sure. The FDIC calling Erpenbeck: Yeah. Have you talked to the FDIC guys, I guess? Finnan: Oh, yeah. Yeah, they call every day. Erpenbeck: What do they call and ask? Finnan: Just an update each day. See where things stand. I’m sure there, they’re just trying to consider what they need to do, whether they need to come in here and start going through things or not, I guess. Property valuation structure is dependably to an incredible degree profitable for everyone and to make everything the all the more sensible in a clearing manner get a comprehended and experienced property valuer to deal with your whole framework for concerning property.Erpenbeck: Probably just in a stance there. I guess wait and see what happens. Finnan: Right. I mean they, when they hear the kind of numbers we’re talking about, they know that the bank is in jeopardy which means they got issues. The bank board Erpenbeck: Someone on the board, what they’re saying. Finnan: Oh, they’re not real happy.

Erpenbeck: Yeah. Are they (upset) at you guys personally or just Finnan: Yeah, I mean there’s some of everything? I think some are supportive, some are just (upset). You know, a lot of them just feel like they’re going to lose a lot of money in this process. Erpenbeck: Who’s in with the supportive for you? If you need knowing your home estimation then considering all things you will settle on pressing decision about your property using property valuation abhorrence and a while later in the event that you have to make your home more worth then you should lead overhaul structure to make you house likewise overwhelming.March 15, 2003 Bill Erpenbeck’s home and furnishings are sold at auction. Covington City Commissioner Alex Edmondson buys a leather chair and finds a tape recorder and tape of Erpenbeck and Finnan’s conversation. Property valuation controls separating full house to see that it’s seen as expense in the current zone field. Whether you are driving your property or not it is always a fulfilling undertaking for you to figure your property’s cost.

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Starting now and into the not all that removed it will make you unfilled up with your current property’s expense.These are excerpts from the taped conversation between homebuilder Bill Erpenbeck and Peoples Bank President John Finnan recorded on April 11, 2002. Catching Up: Assessing liability Erpenbeck: I don’t know anything really. How’s it been with you? What’s happening? Finnan: Well, you name it. We’ve got, we’ve got everybody all over us. Erpenbeck: Are they all coming after you guys? Finnan: Yeah. They are. Erpenbeck: What are your attorneys telling you from a liability standpoint? Finnan: Oh, you know, it’s all out there. We’re the front of the line. Erpenbeck: I mean, they think that they can get it from you? Finnan: I don’t know. Who knows? You know, it’s we’ll basically fight all of it, and it’s probably a potential multi-year problem, but I mean we’re certainly in the line of liability. No question about it. Defense: Title Companies could take the fall Erpenbeck: Does he (your attorney) feel like you can play up some sort of defense? Finnan: Yeah. I mean the only defense is that the title company shouldn’t have given them the checks. That’s our only defense. Erpenbeck: Is that a fact, legally? Finnan: Yeah. Erpenbeck: It is?

Property valuation structure is always to an unfathomable degree productive for everybody and to make everything the all the more sensible in a clearing way get a fathomed and experienced property valuer to manage your entire system for concerning property. Finnan: Yeah, I mean they should have made sure that they (the titles) got somewhere else Erpenbeck: I thought the biggest thing is, is there a law that they have to do a supplemental title check? Finnan: It’s not a law, but they should have. Erpenbeck: Yeah, because they are insuring that it’s a, you know, they’re doing title insurance, they’re insuring it’s a clean title.Finnan: Yeah and that (title check aspect) will be part of our arguments, I’m sure, as to why they (the title companies) should have the liability. But you know, at some point, it probably gets split some percentage to them, some percentage to us. And they all, every bank knows that they’ve got us. On the off chance that you need knowing your home estimation then considering all things you will settle on pressing choice about your property utilizing property valuation contemptibility and a while later if you need to make your home more worth then you ought to lead update structure to make you house similarly overpowering.


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I’m not  the guy that builds the models and we  have really really smart people that do  that or the person that that takes all those outputs from from our indices and  our models and tries to make sense of what they mean so we put a lot of graphs we write a lot of commentary we put out  a lot of reports but a big part of what what my team does is really just try to decipher.

What’s happening in the housing  market blend all our indices with other data economic data demographic data just to try to paint I guess a more holistic segments making and Finance picture of where the markets been and  where it’s likely be going from here and we’ll try and tackle that today how do we get to where we are today and what’s the future look like my point around most property investors having used or  being aware of core logic you guys have got pretty good coverage right across Australia.

When it comes to this stuff yeah of course a whole bunch of different segments as well so a lot of people would know core logic is Rp  data a previous branding and back in we were acquired by core logic and American company which we’re now part of the world’s largest property data and analytics company so a very very good good place to be as an analyst but also we look at the different segments that  we work in you know biggest growth segments making and Finance so we did a lot of work with the banks around risk mitigation around valuations work and identifying opportunities streamlining.

The mortgage process application as well but also with real estate agents of course mortgage brokers  valuers consumers and government are really the main segments we work in and then also in a non residential side of the business which is cordell city scope property information monitor all our non-residential products so they feed obviously into developers and to builders commercial leasing agencies and so forth  as well as it’s quite the gambit but I think anybody looking to buy a property should absolutely be accessing this sort of data yeah just just to drill down to the micro level is really important as an investor looking at all the trends.

There be a say even macro down to suburb level trends are really important but if  you’re making a decision that’s costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars you really want to be looking at the nuts and bolts looking at well what are the properties so for previously how long has it been on the market other vendors may be getting a little bit more inclined to discount their prices or watch negotiation position like and what  a property is doing around the property you’re looking at are they selling they are on the market for longer.